Veena Malik Faces Criticism In Pakistan

Famous Pakistani Film Actress Veena Malik who recently participated in Indian Reality Show Bigg Boss is under strong Criticism these days in Pakistan by Media as well as by Public. The reason for Criticism on Veena Malik is her uncharacteristic acts in Reality Show Bigg Boss with Actor Ashmit Patel.

Veena Malik stayed in Bigg Boss Show for almost 80 days where she was found doing some uncharacteristic acts with Ashmit Patel for which Veena is facing Criticism. On Saturday she was called in a Pakistani talks show where she was Criticized by not only other Guests but also Public through Phone Calls. Due to this strong Criticism Veena even started crying in the Show. She said i have not done anything wrong with Ashmit and i am framed wrongly
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